Optimum pricing/value is important to quick, successful and satisfactory real estate transactions.

Property/Assets are store of money and it is very crucial to know the real Value/worth of your Property/Assets at every point in time. This gives you the confidence and assurance of making good and informed decisions as regard these assets, either you are demanding or supplying it.

Professional Valuations can show you the following:

* Mortgage Value
* Insurance Value
* Land use charge
* Sale or Purchase Value
* Rental Value
* Financial leverage

Our many years of professional experience in carrying out valuations of various assets, for several purposes and for many individuals and organizations, both in the private and public sectors puts us in the best position to provide sound professional opinions as regards the value of your Property/Assets.

Carry out a valuation of your property; it is always in your best interest. The aggregate benefit far outweighs the cost.

Call us today you will be glad you did.

The Firm undertakes valuations covering the following assets amongst others:

* Land and Buildings
* Plant and Machinery
* Motor Vehicles
* Household and Office Furniture, Fittings and Equipment
* Intangible Assets i.e. Goodwill.

A number of the various other purposes for which the Firm undertakes valuations include:

* External Financing - Mortgages
* Insurance
* Balance Sheet / Annual Accounts
* Property Rating
* Loan Facility